10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Hey everybody this is roberto blake of robot to make passive income online and i’m really excited about this because this is probably one of the most important videos i’ve ever done because this will actually help people achieve financial freedom make some extra money give themselves a raise maybe put some money away for their kids college so i’m super excited about this particular video now i’m not one of those internet gurus who is trying to sell you on the idea that passive income means not having to work or get up early or do anything like that you know it’s freaking hard work and it’s nothing new the top fortune 500 companies in the world are making passive income right now you just have to change the way you’ve been thinking about it so you don’t think of it as a scam or a myth and there’s a lot of ways you could really think about exactly how this works and has always worked and reality is that right now whoever is doing the or has the licensing in netflix for like a show like Dawson’s Creek or or Roswell or something like that from years and years ago guess what the actors might not be making any money from that right now or they might it’s called they might be getting royalties but whoever controls the licensing I was able to sell that to next flicks whoever had the rights to the whole thing they’re making money years after that show is already up there the cameraman who showed up every day he’s not still making money off of Dawson’s Creek or Smallville or whatever but whoever owns the licensing that intellectual property is still making money today the person who invented the paperclip their descendants are still making money today so when you think about passive income from that perspective you realize that the largest corporations in the world are raking in passive income right now while you’re waking up and grinding which by the way you should probably still be doing but they are doing that and making money on the backend CEOs could probably stop working today but because they own their company they will make residual passive income every day whether they show up and run the business or not or whether their general man or their VP does it so you have to start thinking about in that way so there are 10 ways that you can actually start making passive income and a lot of them are really easy and you can do them right now for one thing if you don’t own your own intellectual property it’s okay you can do what’s called affiliate marketing affiliate marketing through programs like Amazon or Commission Junction or even through individual web hosting companies like Bluehost and GoDaddy and one in one all allow you to sell their products or their services and you will get a commission for it that’s what affiliate marketing is so if you read a book like let’s say the askgaryvee book which is one of the best books to buy right now is a blueprint for entrepreneurship so buy that book with the link in the description below see what I just did that is affiliate marketing so I want you to buy Gary’s book and learn about how to be an entrepreneur or how to grow your business and if you do I probably make a couple bucks so that right there is a primer example of affiliate marketing now granted you should do that for things and products that you believe and then you know and that you are reputable to speak about if you’re a photographer talk about the camera gear that you own and review each piece of lenses and camera bodies and your lighting equipment and get people to buy those based on your recommendations or recommend alternatives to those and that’s a way to do affiliate marketing and that’s just one example you can do affiliate marketing whether you’re a photographer an artist a makeup guru whatever it’s something that you can do right now just by talking about products you own and products you love now love you might be thinking well if I do that that doesn’t necessarily mean I can quit my day job or that can create financial freedom for myself you’d be surprised actually you’d be surprised I’m not allowed to talk about certain numbers from certain programs but I can tell you right now that I do very well in Amazon I probably do somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars a month in Amazon affiliate marketing right now based around my content so that’s just a primary example I can tell you that other affiliate marketing programs like Bluehost the web hosting company that I use and then I do affiliate marketing on behalf of um whenever I get someone to sign up for the cheapest Bluehost plan I get sixty-five dollars right now there are many of you watching this video that are making 60 five dollars after working all day busting your hump at your job right now whereas if you were able to actually get two people to start a new website you’d make a hundred thirty two dollars for that day granted that will pay out thirty to sixty days later but again this is the earning potential we’re talking about and so I would say that taking advantage of programs like Amazon Bluehost and Commission Junction are a really good way to make passive income and even if you have no intention of ever leaving your day job this will give you that $5,000 a year raise that your boss just isn’t going to give you and it’s not gonna write a check for so affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways that you can make passive income but there are other great ways that you can as well and one of them is creating your own products like writing a book or maybe your thing is that you’re really good at making music in a garage band or fruityloops or whatever you can actually sell products online whether they’re a book whether they’re videos whether they’re music you can sell these products online in things like Amazon and iTunes and Google Play and you can make passive income this is the same as the same big companies that are selling their DVDs or their downloads you can do that too and the beauty of is you can go directly to the marketplace and not need to sign with a label or a publishing company the guy who wrote the Martian whose name escapes me right now he put his book out for free and his audience demanded that they be able to read it on their Kindle and on their iPad so he went directly to the marketplace and more people bought the book then downloaded the free version when they could before or went to the website and got the free version more people bought the book it was an instant Amazon bestseller and all of a sudden all the publishing companies that turned him down and mocked him and laughed at him all of a sudden they had to come crawling back and they wanted to offer him a deal and that’s how the book went to print and later he sold the licensing rights which is another way that you can make passive income for that movie so licensing your content licensing your intellectual property whether it’s the rights for your book or your idea to become a film or a television show is a great way for you to make money and to get loyalty’s so that you’re paid for life off of that as well as sell the product directly so these are two great ways that you can make passive income and again you can do this whether it’s the licensing of your idea for a movie whether it’s selling part of the rights to your book whatever it is you can do that you can go directly to the marketplace and sell your product or you can license it to somebody else and make money on the back end tip number four for making passive income is speaking of licensing there is a such thing as stock video stock photography and stock audio by selling stock resources you can actually make royalties off of that forever as well if you’re a photographer and you shot you know some great landscapes or you have some stuff that you bought from the dollar store you shot it against a white background like a piggy bank marketers like me buy stock photos by the droves all the time to use for banner ads and for print ads and for billboards and for things like that so you can make a lot of money off of marketers and designers if you’re a photographer and if you shoot video you can sell to video editors and to marketers as well as far as stock video we’re always looking for that stuff and we want that to be royalty-free so we’ll pay for the rights to use it and if we want to be exclusive we’ll pay even more so producing stock audio and selling that to people in a market place like I stock or audio blocks or graphic river or Envato all of those things are a way to make passive income online forever having done the work one time so if you make a lot of these things you stand to make a lot more money if you have like a hundred beats to sell you can package and bundle some of them you can sell them individually and you can sell them in multiple marketplaces you don’t have to do marketplace exclusivity you get more money if you do but you can sell them everywhere and make a lot of money you can do the same thing with your photography or if you’re a graphic designer you can make some simple graphics you can make word bubbles you can make arrows you can sell banner ad templates you can sell website templates and this will make you money online so selling stock on graphics and stock audio and stock video is a great way to make passive income again you’re selling a product one of the other ways you can make passive income online is through online advertising online advertising through Google Adsense and other marketplaces are a great way to make some real money now granted it’s pennies on the dollar but if you have enough content in enough places it all adds up you can also use affiliate marketing banner ads and links along with these Google Adsense pay-per-click ads and that could be a good way to make some you know money in different ways so if you have a blog you can do Google Adsense you can do the other ad marketplaces but you could also use your affiliate marketing there as well and then you have more shots at making real money so I would highly encourage you to sign up for as many of those marketplaces as you can and get in on Google Adsense as well as some other ones a six way you can make passive income is through direct video marketing now this works in a couple of different ways there are video platforms outside of YouTube that pay you like dailymotion has a way to pay you and so does Vimeo as far as paid on-demand videos so you could use those marketplaces YouTube also is connected to Google Adsense and that is another way to make passive income so you can use video content and paid video to make passive income online and that’s another great opportunity for you another way you can make passive income online is through sponsored content now the way sponsored content works is very different depending on who the sponsor is you could get what’s called pay for performance sponsorship which means that they will pay you in proportion to how many views that you get for your content whether it’s a video whether that’s a blog post whether it’s a podcast you know they’ll pay you based on either downloads or the views or what-have-you and that’s another great way to make passive income online some people want to pay you a flat rate and that’s okay too another option is also they could pay you a commission based on what’s called cost per action meaning if your video is translated to a sale for them and trackable they will pay you for that so it’s similar to affiliate marketing but it’s a little different because instead of going to the marketplace you have a direct deal and the commissions for that could be higher than if you did a fill marketing affiliate marketing is usually lower percentages anywhere from four to ten percent but when we’re talking about direct sales it could be higher so just look into that speaking of sales another great way and I think this is number eight to go ahead and make passive income online is what’s called joint venture partnerships so if somebody’s launching a product or a course and you’re what’s called a JV partner a joint venture partner you can sell on their behalf and they will cut you in for the profits and this could be 20% 30% or even upwards of 50 percent and that’s great now you might be wondering why somebody might do that but the reality is selling stuff is harder than people think so if you have 10 people out there selling for you getting 50% of the sales of ten people is much better than getting a hundred percent of just the sales you can bring in by yourself so that would be another great opportunity so you can look for joint venture partnerships by either working directly with entrepreneurs people in your network or just do a google search and find out who’s looking for JV partners and see what you can bring to the table another way of doing passive income online is network marketing I’m not the biggest fan of network marketing personally but there are a lot of people who swear by it and I would just say make sure you’re not roped into a pyramid scheme look for something really strong as far as network marketing and something that’s reputable Grant Cardone has a lot of great advice on this so I would highly recommend that you look into that one of the final ways I’m going to talk about making passive income online is selling actual tangible products meaning that you can actually go into Amazon or Ebay and you can sell existing products that you already have to people whether they’re newer used this could be great if you happen to get a gift that you have two of you can go ahead and make some money by doing this dye just taking a couple of pictures and posting up for sale and seeing who bites this is a fantastic way to make money offline if you’re trying to go ahead and think of it as a virtual garage sale so this is my tenth and final way for you to make passive income online I might go in depth about each of these later down the road but these ten things are something that you can execute on probably today tomorrow or within the week if you really want it to anyway I hope this video helped you guys out this should probably help some of you figure out how you can make a little bit of extra money a lot of these things are things that I’ve done I’m actively doing or have done in the past or I specifically know people that are first-hand connection who have taught me about it so that’s why I’m giving this advice resource links for everything I’ve talked about are in the description below so make sure you’re checking that out if stuff questions about passive income and how to make it work for you let me know in the comments section I’ll try and answer as many of your questions as I can anyway like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome content on the channel as always you guys thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget create something awesome today